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Ear Ease - Made in America!
Addressing Pain from Ear and Sinus Congestion Relief from ear pain is only minutes away!
Ear pain, earaches and nasal and sinus congestion are the bane of millions of people every year during flu season.
Since 1988 the Ear Ease has become a staple item in tens of thousands of home medicine cabinets.

The Ear Ease has proven to be both safe and effective in providing general relief due to general head congestion.
Natural ear congestion remedies are becoming more popular as the general public becomes aware of some of
the problems associated with antibiotics, ear tube surgery and other ďmedicalĒ solutions.

Every year around cold season, thousands of people brace themselves for another winter of head congestion.
Sinus, nasal, and ear congestion can, and often are related to one another. And while weíre on the subject,
letís not forget the lungs and the overall respiratory system. Itís not uncommon for an infection to take hold
in one area and within a few of days youíve developed a full blown head and chest infection.

This, coupled with serious congestion problems can leave you in a state where everything is blocked up, stuffed up and nothing is moving.
The only thing you know for sure is that you are in for a serious bout of discomfort.

For centuries people have been using hot and cold therapy to open up sinuses, blocked ears and other congested areas.
What the Neti Pot does for the sinuses an Ear Ease can do for your inner ear congestion, as well as your sinuses.
When focused heat is applied to the affected area, the blood flow in that area increases.

This serves to reduce the congestion and promote the much needed drainage required to release the pent up pressure.
Once youíve opened up the blocked passage way, your inner ear will tend to drain naturally.
In the majority of cases this should provide a marked reduction in ear pressure and pain.
Although any congestion is uncomfortable, inner ear congestion can cause excruciating pain if not properly addressed.
If left untreated there is a real possibility that your eardrum will ultimately rupture as a result of the increasing pressure,
possibly exasperated by a growing infection.

If you are experiencing severe pain, a blocked, swollen or infected Eustachian tube will be at the heart of the problem.
The Ear Ease provides a holistic alternative to the common and temporary pain numbing
medications typically found on the drugstore shelves.
The Ear Ease is fast, effective and drug free... and itís safe for children of all ages!

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Safe Ear Ache Pain Relief
No CNo Chemicals - Non-Invasive Safe for Infants - Reuseable

 I love my Ear Ease.

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Ear Pain & Pregnancy
By naturally relieving ear congestion in this manner, you donít have to worry about the
side effects of over the counter or prescription medications. Many pregnant women
report frequent or constant ear congestion problems. Pregnant mothers can employ
a non antibiotic solution to treat their ear congestion malady; a true drug free solution
that wonít harm the baby by using the Ear Ease ear ache pain reliever.