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Contact Ear Ease - Made in America!
Flora Manufacturing, Inc. - Provider of the world famous Ear Ease Pain Reliever

46227 Ann Arbor Rd.
Plymouth, Michigan. 48170-3534

Phone - 734-469-7435
Fax - 734-453-9350
E-Mail -

Easy to use When applying the EarEase™ Pain Reliever for the reduction of ear pain or discomfort,
simply remove the cap and fill the container with hot tap water. Replace the cap and make certain
 that it is pressed securely over the opening of the container to avoid leakage.
Place the hollow end of the EarEase™ Pain Reliever directly over the painful area.
When ear pain has been relieved, remove the EarEase™ Pain Reliever from the painful area.
Remove the cap, empty the container of water and allow to air dry before replacing the cap.
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Safe Ear Ache Pain Relief

No Chemicals - Non-Invasive

Safe for Infants - Reuseable

I love my Ear Ease.
Relief from ear pain is only minutes away! ear pain air travel
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