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 Ear Ease - Made in America!

Relief from ear pain is only minutes away!

Fast, effective and drug free... safe for children!

Sinus pressure, altitude changes, allergies, swimming and infections...
all common causes of ear discomfort. Now there's a safe, natural
way to relieve ear pain...without the use of drugs or surgery!

Ear Pain is usually caused by a sustained pressure in the middle ear.
The pressure is a result of the Eustachian tube being blocked and
therefore unable to perform the simple but critical functions of
draining the middle ear and equalizing the air pressure with the
outer ear. An infection in the middle ear dramatically increases
the chances of a blocked Eustachian tube, often creating swelling
and fluid build up, further compromising the function of the
Eustachian tube. Physicians refer to this as ETD or Eustachian
Tube Dysfunction. As indicated in the drawing, the Eustachian
tube is very narrow in places and runs at a downward angle
to the throat. When functioning properly it serves to drain fluid
from the inner ear down to the throat as well as equalizing the
inner ear pressure.

Newborns and infants unfortunately have very narrow Eustachian
tubes which are relatively horizontal, rendering them less likely
to effectively drain, particularly when infected. The pressure
build up due to ETD can cause excruciating pain, as many
people can attest. Unless addressed, this blockage may
ultimately result in a burst ear drum from the extreme pressure.

Antibiotics in the last few years have fallen from favor as the
first treatment prescribed for ear infections. (See Mayo Clinic Report)
The professional medical belief today is that most ear infections will
clear up in just a few days if left untreated. And it is also important to
remember that antibiotics are ineffective against an infection caused
by a virus. However, during the natural healing process ear pain can
be intense and sleep can be very hard to come by until the pain subsides.

This natural wait and see period may last 48 - 72 hours or longer and
can be very difficult to endure without some sort of pain relief.
For centuries, hot and cold therapy has been used to promote
the eradication of pain. In fact, hot and cold therapies are the
oldest forms of treatment to help reduce muscle inflammation,
tenderness, and pain. However, on most drug store shelves
you will find an assortment of ear drops or other medications
that basically numb the pain caused by ETD. These are not
effective in dealing with the immediate cause of the pain,
which is, pressure caused by a blocked Eustachian tube.
Hot and cold therapy on the other hand can, in many
cases, help to not only reduce the pain but to actually
alter the pressure in the middle ear thereby allowing
the Eustachian tube to begin to open up and drain.
In most cases of ETD the pressure in the middle
ear is less than the pressure outside the middle ear.
When this happens, the ear drum is pushed inward,
often resulting in pain. The middle ear is essentially
in a slight vacuum state which can promote a partial
collapse of the Eustachian tube making it even
harder to open up and release.

Simple physics states that the introduction of heat
into a closed system of unequal pressure will
change the pressure gradient. The Ear Ease
employs this principal when heat is applied to
the affected area and has proven to be effective
in both relieving pain and assisting in the opening
of the Eustachian tube.

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