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Ear Ease - Made in America!

Relief from ear pain is only minutes away!

Fast, effective and drug free... safe for children!

According to a survey conducted by Deafness
Research UK, 70% of those who fly will experience
some kind of health-related problem and ear pain
ranks number one, with a whopping 34%
experiencing ear pain during a flight. According
to Vivienne Michael, CEO of Deafness Research
UK, “Ear pain in the air can ruin many people’s
holiday before it has even started. More worryingly,
it can lead to much more serious hearing problems
in people who have a bad cold when they fly.”

Air travelers need to be prepared for pressure
changes in the cabin particularly if they have ear
congestion, a head cold or any level of ear
pressure before they even board the plane.
The single most common reason for ear pain
during flight is directly related to what is called
a Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. The Eustachian
tube is a very small tube that runs from the
bottom of the middle ear chamber to the back
of the throat (see image on the bottom left of
this page) By design, the Eustachian tube is
unobstructed and its function is to keep the
inner ear equalized with the pressure in the
local environment, in this case the cabin of the
 aircraft. However, if your Eustachian tube is
clogged as a result of an inner ear infection,
swelling , mucus or rapid pressure changes, you
will likely experience moderate to severe pain
during the flight. A dysfunctional Eustachian tube
can put debilitating pressure on your eardrum and
 is not easily remedied. The best way to avoid having
a high pressure Eustachian Tube Dysfunction that may
linger for days is to do all you can to keep the tube open
and functioning. Thousands of people have used the Ear
Ease to provide direct heat to the affected area at the first
indicator of pressure. In this manner the buildup of pressure
can be dramatically reduced as the Eustachian tube
equalizes remains functional and equalizes the pressure.

While using the Ear Ease you may notice your plugged
ears releasing pressure and this is what some people refer
to as “popping”. This is simply the Eustachian tube opening
and closing while under pressure as it works to maintain
pressure equalization. It can sometimes happen several
times in a row while landing as this is the period of the flight
when the pressure changes most rapidly. The same sensation
 may also occur during assent as the pressure in the cabin
keeps changing.

The Ear Ease was developed by a Medical Doctor who was
also a private pilot and had experienced extreme discomfort as
a result of cabin pressure changes in flight.

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 Safe Ear Ache Pain Relief

 No Chemicals - Non-Invasive

Safe for Infants - Reuseable

I love my Ear Ease.



Sinus pressure, altitude changes, allergies, swimming
and infections... all common causes of ear aches.
Now there's a safe, natural way to relieve ear pain...
without the use of drugs or surgery!

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